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At ABC we have taken this mystery out of hidden back end charges and have detailed below exactly what your end of lease options are.

Option 1. Purchase the goods outright

At the end of the minimum lease period, providing the rentals have been paid as scheduled, we shall offer you the option of purchasing the equipment outright from us for a payment of one final monthly rental equating to 2.5% (+Vat) of the original value of the equipment.

Example:- original cost of equipment £10,000 (+Vat) option to purchase price £250 (+Vat) - Our experience indicates that his is by far the most popular end of lease option.

Option 2. Continue to lease the goods

Should you prefer, at the end of the minimum period, you can continue to lease the rentals for pre agreed continuation rentals.

Option 3. Return the goods

At the end of the minimum period you can return the goods to us if you do not want to continue to use them. Return costs will be for your account and we will expect the goods to be in reasonable condition.

We would suggest that you detail your preferred option at the outset of your lease.